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Centurion covers 10 miles over Goose Creek, Summerville & Mount Pleasant Parades

"I want to meet people face to face and listen to their concerns in the community" says Ingrid Centurion, candidate for US Congress, SC-01. The holidays parades were spectacular all across the District. Saturday's weather was warm in Goose Creek with over 50 participants from across the county.

Ingrid was able to walk along the route and engage with constituents and families before the race started. Ingrid passed out pocket Constitutions to the children and shared her reasons for running for office. "I want to serve the community and fight for our next generation." says Ingrid Centurion. Children were excited to receive candy from participants and so were the 4th and 5th graders who received Constitutions by Ingrid. The Summerville Holiday parade was filled with entertaining music and large floats and the crowd easily exceeded over three thousand in attendance. The Summerville police motorcycle crew launched the parade and then it moved quickly with Santa closing the parade. Ingrid went from Summerville to Mount Pleasant on Sunday, for the longest Christmas parade which lasted for over four hours.

Mount Pleasant's parade started in the day time and ended in the evening. As soon as the sun went down they held an amazing display of fireworks, with over 60 participants walking and riding in the parade full of smiles and spirit. "I met four generations of a family today. Our legislators must always remember that they work the people. Selfless service, duty, honor and country is what everyone should shrive for in America." stated Ingrid Centurion, retired LTC US Army, Iraq War Combat Veteran and Candidate for US Congress SC-01.

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