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Centurion celebrates and honors John McCants Veterans Park

It was a beautiful day with over 400 people in attendance to show their love and appreciation to John McCants. John McCants spent 24 years on the Goose Creek City Council after serving in both the Korean and Vietnam war. "John McCants exemplified what a public servant is all about, and his military career, as well as in his public service. He was a compassionate man and appreciated everyone's service." said Tim Burnside, retired combat veteran and friend. Combat veterans put their lives at risk to protect the liberty and freedoms for all Americans not Democrats or Republicans. On city council, John McCants always placed his community first just as he served in the US Army. USMC, retired General James E. Livingston, Medal of Honor recipient who personally led a Marine assault against a heavily defined enemy on May 1, 1968 overrunning their positions in Day Do, Vietnam spoke eloquently about the sacrifices of the military family. Mayor Habib also made special and endearing remarks to the family and shared wonderful stories of John McCants works to the community.

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