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Centurion attends the SCGOP's First in the South Republican Action Conference

The inaugural First in the South Republican Action Conference was the biggest, most intensive training event in the history of South Carolina Republican Party. The party has grown tremendously in recent years and that growth has translation into greater success at the ballot box. In 2020, South Carolina celebrated the greatest number of wins for the state in more than 140 years. We delivered more votes for Donald Trump than for any Presidential candidate in state history. We won the US Senate are by double digits and won back the 1st Congressional District. We picked up three State Senate seats and two State House seats for the biggest Republican majority since the 1860's and beat the Democrats on straight-ticket voting by 17 points. It's time now to focus on training with the Leadership Institute's Carly Tomaine and Steven Sutton. With over 400 attendees from across the state, the energy was high and the speakers were entertaining. Line up of speakers: Robert Cahaly, Congresswoman Kat Cammack, Corey Deangelis, Pamela S. Evette, Van Hipp, Congressman Ronny Jackson, Former Congressman Bob McEwen, Edward T. McMullen Jr, Cleta Mitchell, Reince Priebus, Brian Ruddle, Senator Rick Scott, Senator Tim Scott, Steven Sutton, Carly Tomaine, Ellen Weaver, Armstrong Williams, Jessica Vaughan and Addison Graves Wilson. Ingrid Centurion is always mentoring young Republicans and listening to constituents.

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