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Centurion attends the Citadel Republican Society, 10th Annual Patriot Dinner honoring Nikki R. Haley

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

The Citadel Cadets, the Republican Society and various Sponsors put together an amazing event with a line up of four awards and presentation of honors. The Henry E. Brown Republican Workhorse Award, the Barrett-Buyer Republican Scholarship, The Order of the Society and the Nathan Hale Patriot Award were distributed to honorable recipents. Nikki R. Haley, the 29th Ambassador to the United Nations, and 116th Governor of South Carolina, delivered an inspiring speech for Patriots. Nikki stated we never back down from a fight and that each of us have been summoned to save America. She claimed the big government wants to pass out handouts so dependence becomes slavery. Her greatest line was woke equals joke equals broke and we must welcome the best and keep out the worst and it's time to build the wall and secure our borders. The biggest threat we face is from the inside where self loathing creates self-defeating and self-diminishing. She closed with the message of we are fighting for a future where people are judged by character not color or chromosomes. A patriotic evening with awardees and active engaged citizens across the District.

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