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Centurion attends the Bikers for Trump Rally at the Honky Tonk

Ingrid attends the Honky Tonk to support the Trump movement sponsored by Chris Cox, Bikers for Trump. It was a pleasure meeting so many constituents who had already heard of me on the Kelly Golden Show and told me they are supporters. It was also great meeting so many Citadel Alumni who plan on attending our monthly meet up to discuss National, Foreign and State policies. It's time for real leadership and experience in Congress and for we the people to TAKE BACK AMERICA with CENTURION. As an Iraq war combat veteran who served this country and commanded troops in peace time and war, I understand the fog of war. I will do everything I can to never send our sons and daughters into endless foreign conflicts. I had the opportunity to take photos with so many but I just love Wonderwoman, Army veteran, Kelly Golden and so many Patriotic Americans. #CenturionforCongress #ReplaceMace