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4th Annual Black History Banquet

I attended the Black History Banquet at the Francis Marion Hotel and I felt at home. The music, the people, and the art was spectacular. Its so important we know our history and this event was an example and appreciation of the people, and the culture of the Lowcountry. We are a melting pot of people, hearts and minds all coming together for one purpose and that's to improve the District SC-01. As a small business instructor for over four years, I have been helping military veterans and their family members scale their business. I will be the strongest advocate for small business owners with solutions on helping them grow. Thank you, for such a warm embrace and acceptance into a beautiful and loving family. It was an honor meeting the Corey Alston family, a small business owner, who is keeping the African Art form and history tradition alive and strong one stitch at a time. As your future Congressman, I will fight for the family, history, education, and small business owners across the District.

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