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Ingrid and Jose 
An important part of our 24 year successful marriage is our shared love of America. As military veterans, with a combined service record of 42 years, Ingrid served in Army Aviation and Jose as an Army Infantry Ranger.


Ingrid is first generation American.  Her father immigrated from Argentina and her mother is  Puerto Rican.  Ingrid is the youngest of four children. When she was two years old, her parents were in a serious car accident in which her father died at the age of 31.  Her mother survived the accident and raised four children alone. She worked as a waitress and taught her the importance of education, responsibility and respect. Ingrid worked hard to save $3,000 to pay for her flight lessons at age 16. Her perseverance was rewarded when she became a pilot at 17 and a commercial pilot at 20 years old.

​​She is a combat tested and proven leader who flew combat missions searching for terrorist groups from Balad Airport, Iraq.  Ingrid served our country for over two decades in the U.S. Army as a helicopter instructor and maintenance test pilot and RC-12P fixed wing pilot.  She flew interdiction missions along the South Western Border and served as the Science and Technology Officer for Joint Task Force North.  Retired Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) has a passion for education, science and technology. Ingrid is the mother of two boys who are both serving in the U.S. Army. Ingrid is happily married for 24 years to an Army Veteran. She has worked as a Product Manager, Universal Tactical Robotic Controller (TRC), Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Small business instructor. She is the author of Centurion's Commitment, a book of inspiration and success to empower everyone to achieve a better life.   

​She is actively involved in her community supporting veterans and small business owners. She runs her own small business focused on conflict resolution and team building.  Ingrid and her entire family have been blessed to live the American Dream — the idea that anyone, through hard work and determination, can achieve anything. And she is committed to ensuring every family has that same opportunity.

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