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Law & Order

Ingrid says, “Defunding the police is a bad idea.”

Ingrid Centurion supports law enforcement as an important component of safe communities, and has said recent calls to defund the police are misguided. She supports police departments in their efforts to be more inclusive and diverse and will support grant programs that encourage more training and support for officers on the street. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis horrified Ingrid. America can not tolerate that kind of brutality.

Ingrid Centurion supports qualified immunity for public safety personnel, as well as for other government employees.

Woman & Doctor

Health Care

Every American deserves access to affordable health insurance. Socialized medicine, however, will increase costs and reduce the quality of care. Ingrid Centurion favors increasing competition, expanding premium tax credits for middle-income families, and moving more subsidy-eligible individuals into Marketplace plans.


Energy and the Environment

Ingrid Centurion knows nothing is more important for American families than clean air and clean water. Federal policy must protect our natural resources. Ingrid supports federal energy policy that strives for sustainability, renewability, and self reliance. International agreements must be a part of our clean earth strategy, but such agreements must not disadvantage American innovation in world trade.

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