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Meet Ingrid Centurion

Ingrid Centurion is a retired Army Lt. Col. who served for twenty two years as a combat aviator, helicopter and fixed wing instructor, and a helicopter test pilot. She flew combat missions in Iraq and conducted interdiction missions on the southern border.


She started a small business focused on conflict resolution and team building.


While her military career has taken her though nine states and three countries, when she and her Army veteran husband of twenty-four years left the military, they settled in in Summerville, South Carolina.

Read Ingrid's Candidate Summary here.

Ingrid on the Issues

Ingrid Centurion is a dedicated America First Republican. Her key policies include:


Immigration. Ending illegal immigration, putting an end to worker visa abuse that undercuts American wages, and instituting a moratorium on legal immigration as the country recovers from COVID. I support the Resolution of Inquiry requesting documents relating to the funds appropriated by Congress to aid Ukraine. American taxpayers deserve transparency as to how their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent. Our borders are overrun with criminals and fentanyl, and Congress has no business protecting other nations’ borders while they refuse to protect our own.

Secure America's Financial Future.  The greatest threat to America’s safety and future prosperity is our mounting debt, which threatens our ability to fund a strong national defense. Sustainable defense spending, driven by strategy that wisely focuses limited resources on core U.S. interests, must be part of the conversation about our nation’s fiscal health. The next DOD budget should reflect our reduced obligations now that the war in Afghanistan has ended. As such, Congress should reduce the 2023 DOD topline reduced by $50 billion — the projected amount staying in Afghanistan another year would have cost U.S. taxpayers.


Election Integrity. Ingrid believes that the allegations about the 2020 General Election need to be examined by an impartial Congressional Hearing and that we must make the reforms necessary to restore confidence in our elections.


Protecting Women’s Sports and Spaces. Ingrid opposes giving biological men access to women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and shelters, and would ban allowing biological men to compete in girls’ sports in public schools and universities.


Defending Life. Ingrid is 100% pro-life, opposes any taxpayer funding of abortion, and supports encouraging adoption.


Ending COVID Vaccine Mandates. Ingrid will fight to re-instate any military member who was kicked out for refusing the vaccine with full back-pay, and will work to ban any employer from firing employees who chose to remain unvaccinated.


Protecting Our Heritage. Ingrid will defend our heritage sites around the nation and in South Carolina and will not allow the woke mob to tear down statues of our forefathers or our history.


Banning CRT. Ingrid will outlaw any federal funds from being spent to promulgate anti-American Critical Race Theory in workplaces or schools.


Standing Up for the 2nd Amendment. Ingrid will always vote in favor of America’s right to keep and bear firearms, will introduction legislation to recognized state concealed carry permits national, and will oppose Red Flag laws.


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